January, 2023 – Happy New Year


  • To continue to mind my own business.  I’ve been practising this for some years now and it is extremely liberating.  Only get involved in other people’s business when I’ve been invited to do so.  That doesn’t mean not being concerned for other people.  I can still look out for people, be aware of them and their circumstances and be ready to lend a hand if the need arises.
  • Establish a regular daily mindfulness practice.  Mindfulness meditation has transformed the way I live and set me free of all kinds of reactive behaviours.  I am not very successful at creating and sticking to routines, so this January I have started out with MindfulnessExercises.com 100 day Mindfulness challenge which delivers a daily exercise to my in-box (https://mindfulnessexercises.com/100-day-mindfulness-challenge/).  There’s still time to sign up for this, it takes us through to 14th April, it’s free and the commitment of time is not onerous.
  • To stay connected with my Soberistas community at Soberistas.com to support my alcohol free life.
  • Regularly add to and maintain this WordPress site – and maybe even get around to explaining what I mean by Woman Walks Into a Supermarket!


Baily, Kate and Mandy Manners (2022) Love Your Sober Year  [Wellbeck Balance]

Gunaratana, Bhante Henepola (2011, 20th Anniv.Ed.) Mindfulness in Plain English  [Wisdom Publishing]

Smith, Patti (2022) A Book of Days  [Bloomsbury Publishing]

Walker, Matthew (2017) Why We Sleep  [Penguin] (Audible version)


One-to-one Mindfulness sessions of 20-30 minutes via Zoom.  These sessions are designed to support alcohol free living.  You can contact me at nanatreens@gmail.com to book a session.  I do not charge a fee, and small voluntary donations to AF Loud and Proud are always welcome.  This allows me to keep up to date with developments in the growing movement towards alcohol free living.

I stopped drinking alcohol on 10th April 2016 and have remained alcohol free since then.  Now, approaching my seventh soberversary, I am convinced more than ever that Mindfulness meditation is the key to my continued success at sober living.  It is the one tool in the sober toolkit that I return to over and over again.

I am a member of Soberistas.com and actively engaged on the website.  As well as the blogs and videos available here on my WordPress site, as a means of “getting to know” me, you can also gain access to my blogs and regular contributions by joining Soberistas.

Disclaimer:  I am not qualified as a therapist or Mindfulness teacher.  I hold a BA Hons in Sociology and Criminology and an MA (distinction) in Criminology from Middlesex University.  I am a proponent of lifelong learning.  Nobody is too young or too old to learn and to transform their approach to daily life. 

All the very best for 2023,


Nana Treen

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